The Alphabet~ Day 157

So in honor of the alphabet, I am going to perform my 28 days of thanks according to each letter in the alphabet.  I realize there are only 26 letters, so we will just work around that minor detail 😉

My 28 Thanks~

1. A- Audra!!  I miss her so much! Come see me soon, roomie!

2. B- Baby girl 🙂  If you weren’t expecting that one you need to read some more of my blogs. Oh.. and baseball.   I’m very thankful for baseball 🙂

3. C- Charity!!!  I love that girl 🙂 and the Crow’s.  I love my family 🙂

4. D- Dad.  He’s been a pretty good fish’n buddy. 

5. E- Eskimo kisses from my little girl.

6. F- Frisco!!

7. G- Grandparents.  They make life so grand.

8. H- Hansen family. Not the 3 band boys. But MY Hansen family.

9. I- Isla Mujeres. One day we will return.

10. J- Jesus AND Jared.  I love them both very much  🙂

11. K- Kristin & Kristin!!  Those two girls have been a big support in my life.

12. L- Love.  Everybody needs it.

13. M- My momma 🙂 She is pretty cool.

14. N- Nick Nacks…. antiquing is a great hobby with Jared.

15. O- Oreo’s.  Preferrably double stuffed.

16. P- Papa Hansen.  He was a great man.  I miss him.

17. Q- Quicktrip!  I love that gas station.

18. R- Roadtrips!!!  So many fond memories.

19. S- Sniders.  They are a pretty good bunch of people.

20. T- TEXAS RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21. U- Undying affection from my husband 😉

22. V- Veggietales.  They give my daughter a great christian show to watch. It also allows me to get things done when most needed 🙂

23. W- Work. I’m blessed to have a job that fits my passions.

24. X- (this is a toughy)….

25. Y- You.  Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

26. Z- Zoo’s.  Great family fun and memories!

27.  I am SO thankful for those of you who take the time to read my blogs.  My hope is that somewhere in one of these blogs your heart has gained a laugh or a smile.

28. My husband for supporting me in this life journey 🙂



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