~ Day 156

My 27 Thanks~

1. Mashed Potatos

2. Leftover fried chicken still tastes decent when warmed up in the oven.

3. Creative ideas.

4. I didn’t slip on any ice while walking to the office.

5. My car stayed on the road.

6. B had a good day at school.

7. Jared had a successful day.

8. My crockpot meal was a burnt disaster, but I’m thankful it didn’t burn the place down.

9. Jared and B were safe on the road.

10. Good meetings for Jared.

11. Connections with people.

12. Jared opened up our door just in time to help a friend carry in a heavy load to their home.

13. Jared has a heart that helps others.

14. His willingness to help an older lady with some law stuff.

15. He is smart.

16. B is forgiving when I don’t always make the #1 mommy of the day award.

17. The way B says “thank you much.”

18. The opportunity to be someone’s prayer partner.

19. My ability to listen.

20. Laughter in the day.

21. My girl Charity won a tshirt contest at Southwest!

22. We had a good laugh today.

23. Frisco seems to be happier now that he is adjusting to the move.

24. There is no wind blowing to make it colder outside.

25. B’s school stayed open today.

26. Jared went out and got milk for us.

27. The plant in our home is still alive.  That’s a miracle because I have a black thumb.


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