~ Day 155

My 28 Thanks~

1. Phone car chargers.

2. Dallas is 1.5hr closer to us now.

3. We will eventually get to see our Dallas friends more often.

4. Jared doesn’t make me constantly listen to Led Zepplin 🙂

5. When I find a great new song.

6. My speeding ticket wasn’t put on my record.

7. The police officer was gracious enough to knock my speed down.

8. My little girl has a pretty great imagination.

9. I Am A Bunny book. It’s one of our fav’s.

10. B likes to play the piano.

11. We had a safe trip.

12. Teresa made us a yummy dinner.

13. Frisco travels well.

14. I found some great clothes for B on clearance.

15. Warm apple crisp.

16. I didn’t have to make dinner 🙂

17. We got to see granny.

18. Granny came out of surgery ok.

19. Brooklyn is fluently using the words “thank you.”

20. She makes me smile 🙂

21. She prayed over granny with us and grabbed granny’s hand during the prayer.

22. She loves to sing Peace Peace with papa.

23. Hearing her sweet little voice sing an old hymn.

24. I got to color with her.

25. She has been in a good mood.

26. My little girl is healthy.

27. She loves to learn.

28. Frisco boy and B are good buddies.



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