~ Day 154

My 27 Thanks~

1. Big red barns.

2. We found a Clydesdale farm to visit.

3. We had fun with the horses.

4. Gods creation of those big friendly beasts.

5. Mom got to go with us.

6. B enjoyed seeing the horses.

7. We got an awesome picture of Daphne the horse. She has a great smile 🙂

8. The laughter I get when I look at that picture.

9. We got to take mom to Pops for the first time.

10. She really enjoyed it.

11. Route 66. It holds a lot of good history and memories.

12. I am blessed.

13. I have a life that is good.

14. I’m Heaven bound.

15. All my many travels.

16. The beautiful creations I have seen.

17. Jared and I have seen a lot together.

18. My future travels.

19. My growth in my new job.

20. God always has a plan laid out for us.

21. His mercies.

22. I have grown in my understanding of things.

23. A good conversation with a best friend.

24. Found a great new blog to read.

25. Jared sent an encouraging message to a friend and it has helped that person continue on in their journey.

26. Frisco cuddles with me.

27. Tulsa is only 1.5hr away.



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