~ Day 153

My 28 Thanks~

1. My hot coffee.

2. God doesn’t judge me when I miss consecutive days on my blog. 🙂

3. Good country music.

4. Folk songs.

5. Black women with soulful voices.

6. Alone times with my husband.

7. Doing a job well done.

8. Finding new tasty diners to frequent.

9. Jared and I both enjoy discovering new placed to eat.

10. Good fried chicken.

11. The tasty mashed potatoes at the Drum Room.

12. The man that thought of bringing chicken and waffles together.

13. Heartfelt talks with my husband.

14. Jared brings no pressure to my decision making.

15. The flexibility to work with my hours at the office.

16. God works everything for the good.

17. A good conversation with a close friend.

18. Exciting news for friends of ours!! Can’t tell yet 😉

19. Beautiful Oklahoma sunrise.

20. I may set early hours for myself in the morn but it gives me the chance to see Gods beautiful creation in the sky.

21. Warm boots on my feet.

22. Pops. It’s a fun little place.

23. We made it to the gas station just before the car ran out of gas.

24. Everyone is starting to feel better and move past the sickness.

25. Awesome travel mugs to keep my coffee warm.

26. Dryers to take the fried chicken smell out of my coat 🙂

27. A hand to hold.

28. Warm hugs.



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