I am a married-single woman on Facebook

Before I was married, I lived a life like most single girls who have a Facebook.  There were the usual status posts about the latest Friday night adventure, the awkward duck-lip picture albums, and the casual trolling across the “guy of the month” Facebook page that I had been so deeply infatuated with.  You know, that guy you envisioned what life would be like hanging from his arm.  If you are a female under the age of 30, you know what I am talking about.  Don’t deny it.  It’s okay.  Single girls perfected the art of Facebook stalking the one guy that we had our heart set on. At least for a month or so.  For a lot of us, there was that fateful dreaded day, when we went for our daily stalk break to enter dreamland with our fantasy Facebook man and our eyes deadlocked with those three dreaded words…. IN A RELATIONSHIP.  Life was over at that moment.  Not really, but we certainly felt our heart sink like the Titanic for a day or two.  Yet soon enough we would move on to the next Facebook guy and hope that he was stalking us just as much as we stalked him.

The other day I was taking my daily dose of Facebook and decided to look at my husbands page.  I thought to myself, “I never go to Jared’s page anymore.  I think I will just for kicks.” So I soon typed in my search for my husband’s page and found my fingers gliding over to take a look at his profile pictures.  I thought it might be nice just to reminisce and take a look back at our pre-baby, pre-weight gain, pre-marriage pictures.  As I was looking through his profile pictures, it took me back to my college days when I would do this exact same thing with guys I was interested in/stalking.  I took the time, whether I needed to be studying or not, to go through and admire the pictures.  Take note of what the guy liked.  See his family.  See who his friends were.  Notice what kind of clothes he wore.  Whether we liked the same activities.  Was he a sports guy.  This all sounds super stalker-ish but let’s be really honest with ourselves ladies and admit that we did this.  Again, it’s okay.  The first step to recovery is admitting that you have/had a problem 😉

So here I am thinking back on how many times my girls and I would sit in our college dorm room and admire a guy we barely knew.  We took time to look through a guys life that we really had no part of.  We made an effort to take note of what made him smile and what he enjoyed.  This all got me to thinking… when was the last time I looked at Jared’s Facebook page like a crazy single girl and got lost in the pictures of who he is and what he loves? The one man I am enamored with.  The man that I exchanged vows with.  The guy that gets me from one happy profile pic to the next.

ImageThis may all sound really silly to some.  You may even be asking yourself, “Why in the world is she going on about crazy females and Facebook profile pics?” But it made me think about marriage and how we should always be in a state of dating our spouse.  I realize that life happens.  Kids happen.  Jobs happen.  Parents happen.  Money happens (or doesn’t happen.)  Yet despite how busy our lives get we must always remember amidst the chaos that our spouses will always be present in our lives.  They are a part of us.  One flesh.  For it says in Matthew 19 …”and the two will become one flesh’  So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”  We are one.  The men in our lives who claim the title HUSBAND are a massive part of who we are.  We must make a conscientious effort to date our husbands.  If that means we stalk their profile pictures like giddy college girls, then let’s go for it!  Look at their pictures and focus on the positive things about who he is.  Laugh at some of those awkward facial hair pictures but focus on the passion behind those eyes.  Remind yourself why you fell in love with the guy in those pictures.  Think about how cool it is that he is making a life with the girl he is in a relationship with.  You are that girl.  You are the one that will forever hold the spot on his wall that says Married to.  You are the girl that must do your part in designing a purposeful marriage, centered around Christ.  Pray for him.  Expect great things for him.  Remind him that you are his #1 cheerleader.

So all this to say… why not stalk the snot out of your husband while on Facebook and remind him of the crazy in love girl you want to be for him.



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