~ Day 152

My 27 Thanks~

1. My ability to learn.

2. Fudge Stripe cookies.

3. My mom is in town!

4. She has helped watch B for us.

5. Frisco keeps getting better and better with the whole potty outside thing.

6. I am inside, not outside in the cold, windy weather.

7. Safe travels to and from Tulsa.

8. Good meetings.

9. Being surrounded by leaders.

10. Learning from leadership.

11. The opportunities given to me to grow in my own leadership.

12. Country love songs.

13. Privacy to sing at the top of my lungs.

14. Good highways to travel on.

15. Money to buy gas.

16. Our free dinner from B’s school was good.

17. I didn’t have to buy dinner 😉

18. B likes to play with cars.  I always loved playing with cars as a kid.

19. We built a fun tunnel for her cars.

20. She is feeling so much better.

21. Friends who send me words of encouragement.

22. Safety over family members.

23. A good family support system.

24. We had a good worship service on Sunday.

25. Granny broke her hip but she has great family to help take care of her.

26. My man helps take care of his granny.

27. Friends from church came up to the hospital and brought food.


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