So far behind!!~ Day 151

So with the newest transition in our lives, I have miserably failed to keep up with my blog the past two weeks.  So I am trying my best to catch up 🙂  I will give more details about our latest transition in a future blog.

My 28 Thanks~

1. Amazon Prime.  It makes movie watching pretty cool.

2. Paychecks.

3. The ability to work.

4. God’s provision with B’s school.

5. We get a free dinner this week with B’s school!

6. Team prayer time.

7. Free Panera 🙂

8. Waking up in a good mood.

9. We found a dog park for Frisco.

10. My family and I all love to play outside.

11. There is a park close to our new place.

12. A sweet friend texted me a kind message.

13. Reuniting with old friends.

14. Finding new things to do with the fam.

15. Adding to my Bucket List.

16. Knowing that I have the resources to one day accomplish my bucket list.

17. We have internet in our place now.

18. Having internet in the house will now help me catch up on my blog.  Hopefully 😉

19. Teresa helped me out a ton with the new place.

20. When I come home now I don’t have to dread tripping over boxes.

21. I made a ton of crockpot meals to freeze and cook later.

22. The funds to buy groceries.

23. The Dr. Pepper supply at work 🙂

24. Good music to listen to at work.

25. The fact that I look forward to seeing my family after I get off work.

26. The chocolate kisses on my desk.

27. The wall in my office is being fixed.  No more ugly crack 🙂

28. God’s grace.


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