~ Day 150

My 27 Thanks~

1. Creative minds.

2. God’s forgiveness.

3. The people who aren’t holding me to the fire when I miss my blogging days 🙂

4. B is feeling so much better.

5. I am enjoying my new job.

6. 3 day wknds!!

7. Spending time with family this weekend.

8. We had a good church service.

9. Safety in our travels.

10. Laughter with my family.

11. I got to do absolutely nothing except spend time with my fam on Saturday.

12. Lazy days.

13. The opportunities I get to stay in my PJ’s ALL DAY LONG.

14. Clarity in decisions.

15. Good convo in the car with J.

16. The patience God gives me to survive toddler temper tantrums.

17. We had food given to us.

18. Frisco is becoming more acclimated to the new way of life.

19. The sweet kisses my daughter gave me this weekend.

20. When she pulls my face to hers to get a kiss.

21. Her little voice.

22. Her strong lungs… more singing, less yelling 🙂

23. The way B tries to sing along with songs that come on.

24. Great worship songs.

25. Martin Luther King.  He was such an inspiring man.

26. Having a best friend to celebrate her birthday with this weekend.

27. Minnie Mouse cookies that B and I made.


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