~ Day 149

My 28 Thanks~

1. Warm weather.

2. Beautiful God made beaches.

3. Being able to visit those beaches.

4. My memories of all my wonderful trips to some pretty awesome places.

5. Hershey’s candy bars.

6. Watching friends grow in the Lord.

7. Family who cares about one another.

8. Prayers that family offers up.

9. Friends who check up on me.

10. Cold pop.

11. Good people to work with.

12. One common goal I share with people to reach lost souls.

13. Hot showers.

14. Family members who help out when we are sick.

15. Healing through the name of Jesus.

16. Internet.

17. Mazzio’s salad bar. It’s one of my favs.

18. The ability to type fast.

19. Warmer weather to take walks in.

20. The medication for my sick little girl seems to be working.

21.  She is still such a pleasant baby even when she is sick.

22. Good doctors.

23. Patience during a move.

24. A wonderful husband who helps me un pack boxes.

25. My mother-in-law who is helping unpack our place.

26. Friends who live by us.

27. Family who helps make connections for us.

28. I have not caught any sickness between my husband and daughter.


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