~ Day 148

My 27 Thanks~

1. Cold medicine

2. Companies that create the cold medicine

3. Brooklyn is still eating though she is sick.

4. Jared has recovered from his stomach virus.

5. Brooklyn and I did not catch his virus.  I fully believe that was the Lords protection.

6. Jared wasn’t a bad patient 😉

7. I found more items I have been looking for in boxes.

8. I found my hairbrush!!

9. Jared got the guest bed set up.

10. Comfy mattresses that last for years.

11. Finding memories in boxes.

12. Endurance.

13. B is a very good patient when sick.

14. Jared is wearing his glasses. He looks handsome in them 🙂

15. Making new friends.

16. Nice people.

17. Gift cards to Cracker Barrell.

18. Parents who help us in life.

19. Relaxing afternoons.

20. GPS on my phone.

21. Roast beef.

22. Friends who make me laugh.

23. Jared is a rule breaker.  I don’t normally promote this or am thankful for it, but in one circumstance, I am thankful. 😉

24. We have Prince Fielder playing for the Rangers.

25. Baseball season is closer.

26. We have beautiful weather today!

27. My baby girl is a champion.


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