~ Day 146

My 27 Thanks~

1. I have breath in my lungs.

2. Jared is putting our bed together.

3. He hasn’t lost his mind while putting the bed back together.

4. We arrived safely to OKC.

5. Everyone survived the move.

6. We had some awesome people move us.

7. One of my BFF’s, Charity, flew up from Dallas to help us move.

8. My BFF, Kristin J., had a good heart and planned on moving us but she got sick. 😦

9. My schedule is starting to smooth out.

10. We have a roof over our heads.

11. Brooklyn is doing well in preschool.

12. She is making friends.

13. She likes her teacher.

14. We were blessed to find an awesome preschool.

15. She is eating healthy meals for lunch.

16. She is already coming home with new things that she is being taught.

17. I am enjoying my new job.

18. My friend Sherri lives right next to us!

19. She invited us over to their church tonight.

20. We got a free dinner out of the deal 😉

21. Slowly we are making our way through the boxes.

22. I’m waking up early.

23. My department has great coffee!

24. I enjoy the people I am working with.

25. Jared has been a big help to me this week.

26. He is proud of me.

27. Our family is blessed.



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