~ Day 145

My 28 Thanks~

1. Hot tubs.  They are awesome in the winter time.

2. B got donuts this morning.

3. My morning coffee from QT.

4. We made it safely to OKC.

5. Brooklyn did well at her orientation of preschool.

6. We found an awesome preschool.

7. The owner makes us feel confident that B will have a great learning experience.

8. The Lord speaks to Jared and I as a couple.

9. We listened to the Lord in a decision.

10. We found a place that we can live for the next year.

11. We will be saving money this year for our future house.

12. Our desire to follow after Dave Ramsey principles.

13. I ran into an old friend from OKC.

14. I got to see my good friend Kara!

15. We are excited to get to see Kara and Gary more.

16. God is using her in great ways to develop Crossroads kids ministry.

17. She now has a good assistant by her side.

18. We made it back safely to our house.

19. My grandma came over to help us pack.

20. She and I knocked out B’s room pretty quick.

21. B watched a Veggietales video while we worked.

22. She has new facial expressions that crack me up.

23. She got to meet new friends.

24. OU plays tonight! Hope we win 🙂

25. Tomato soup on a cold night.

26. My family from Texas made it safe to OK.

27. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

28. I have strength to lift boxes.


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