~ Day 144

My 27 Thanks~

1. It’s a new year.

2. I can make this year a good year.

3. New adventures can be made.

4. There are 365 days to write a great chapter.

5. My 2014 is going to be a memorable year.

6. The Lord is going to provide for me.

7. My God is going to use me in great ways.

8. My family is going to grow.

9. My daughter is going to continue to develop into a bright young girl.

10. My husbands job is going to be blessed.

11. He will have many new clients.

12. God is going to open up some big doors for us.

13. We will continue to snowball school loans.

14. We will save money for our future house.

15. Brooklyn will learn new things.

16. I will become a better mommy.

17. Jared will grow as a daddy.

18. Frisco will grow closer to us 🙂

19. B will be fully potty trained!

20. I will go on vacation.

21. I will make new friends.

22. It’s a new year for the Rangers!

23. I will learn new recipes.

24. My friends will be blessed.

25. Jared will love turning 30 😉 That one is hopeful.

26. I will expand my knowledge on my design skills.

27. My heart will grow closer to the Lord.


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