Never Again~ Day 143

Never again. Never again will I be able to repeat this year. Never again will I be able to see my daughter as a one year old. Never again will I be able to celebrate my 3 year anniversary with my husband. But I am ok with that because I get to celebrate so many more things in this coming year. I look forward to every moment that comes my way. Even in the hard times, I look forward to the person I become in the aftermath because I believe I will be a wiser individual from those experiences.
God has blessed my family in great ways. I know that He has even bigger things in store for 2014 to see our dreams become a reality. Thank you, Father, for loving on me this past year.

My Top 28 Thanks of 2013 ~

1. 2013 was good to me.

2. I chose to rejoice even in the hard times.

3. I am wiser from my moments of trial.

4. My family was kept safe.

5. My baby girl turned 2.

6. I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary.

7. Working part time.

8. Being nominated for the national women’s board.

9. Making new friends.

10. Watching Frisco become comfortable with us and turning into a true family dog.



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