~ Day 142

My 27 Thanks~

1. It’s a good day.

2. Getting things done in the morning.

3. Good nights rest.

4. More boxes found from the grocery store.

5. Dean gave us some boxes.

6. Jareds glasses look good.

7. I found half off Christmas items at Dollar Tree. What’s better than dollar items at Dollar Tree? Half price items at Dollar Tree 🙂

8. B now has cute Mickey and Toy Story wrapping paper for her presents next year.

9. I found her some cute Christmas crafts for next year.

10. Jared rubbed my head when I had a headache.

11. I’m finding new meals from food in our pantry.

12. We got a lot of packing done.

13. Two of my best friends are coming to help us this wknd!!

14. We have more people volunteering to help us this wknd.

15. Meme’s ginger snap cookies.

16. We had more leftovers to eat.

17. J and I spent some good time together.

18. Jared is thankful for two in one shampoo and conditioners 😉

19. I’m glad he cares enough to smell good.

20. He smells nice.

21. B has lots of toys. Not every child is so lucky.

22. Our baby girl gives us FaceTime kisses and sugary smacks.

23. Had a good convo with my mom.

24. I got to take a nap today!!

25. Warm sheets.

26. I don’t have to work outside.

27. I found good sales on food.



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