~ Day 141

My 28 Thanks~

1. This is the day that the Lord has made.

2. We were able to get back into waking up early.  With the holidays, we had got out of the routine.

3. Brooklyn woke up in a great mood.

4. She had a cute red dress to wear to church.

5. She doesn’t fight me as much when she gets dressed.

6. We made it early to church to set up some things.

7. All my costumes came together for the human video.

8. All the people in my human video did AWESOME!

9. The time they put into the drama.

10. The Harvest worship band did a great job.

11. Amanda did great on her song, as always.

12. We had a nice lunch with family.

13. Brooklyn slept through lunch.

14. We were given some free pizzas and cookies.

15. B got to spend the day with meme, papa, and granny.

16. Jared and I got to go to the dollar movies.

17. We saw a fun movie.

18. Alone time with my man.

19. We found some much need boxes.

20. The store is willing to give boxes away.

21. Our house is warm.

22. Warm Pj’s.

23. The Cowboys are playing.

24. Papa and meme are watching B so we can pack.

25. I received some sweet compliments.

26. We have people who love us.

27. Jared took down the Christmas tree for me so I could catch up on my blog.

28. My man does so much for me.


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