~ Day 140

My 27 Thanks~

1. It may be our last day, but we are still on our fun trip.

2. We have had a great time.

3. We all got to go to the Dixie Stampede.  It was my first time.

4. I had a lot of fun!

5. Brooklyn absolutely loved being there.

6. We thought we lost her jacket, but the employees found it.

7. The entertainment was great!

8. Hearing Brooklyn say “horseys!”

9. It had a focus on the true reasons for the season, Jesus!

10. Jared and Mick got to see a movie together.

11. We had another good nights sleep.

12. We had a delicious lunch.

13. Brooklyn was such a sweetheart. Extra sweet today 🙂

14. Teresa found a Christmas item on sale that she had been wanting.

15. Jared and I left Branson more relaxed.

16. We made some good memories.

17. B slept most of the way back home.

18. We made it back home safely.

19. Frisco boy was excited to see us.

20. Grandma and Frisco had fun.

21. Frisco does so good with B.  He was excited to see her but never jumped up on her.

22. He knows how to be gentle with B.

23. Brooklyn loved on grandma.  We cherish the days she gets to spend with her great grandmothers.

24. We had fun during Brooklyn’s bath time.

25. We had a fun night time reading.

26. Brooklyn loves to be read to at night.

27. She is so special to me 🙂


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