~Day 139

My 28 Thanks~

1. We are having fun in Branson.

2. We got to see a great Sight and Sound show.

3. B loved the show.

4. She sang along with the actors.  She didn’t know what she was singing but she sure did sing her little heart out.

5. She enjoys singing.

6. We got to experience a drive-thru Christmas light show.

7. We are staying in a wonderful hotel.

8. We’ve had some yummy food.

9. Spending time with family.

10. We didn’t lose our minds when Brooklyn decided to lose hers 🙂

11. We are growing as parents.

12. Lessons in patience.

13. I found some great sales.

14. Cute dress slacks.

15. I donated to St. Jude’s and ended up saving money on my purchase because of that. Win Win!

16. Great dinner.

17. Watching B’s face light up at all the different Branson fun.

18. Jared and I get to spend some time together.

19. Brooklyn loves to read books.

20. She knows the title of her night time book, ‘God Knows All About Me’.

21. Hearing her little voice say those words.

22.  God really does know all about my little girl.

23. God cares enough to know all about her, from her fingers to her and toes.

24. She loves to be with family.

25. Daddy was smart enough to pack some of her new toys.

26. Nice weather.

27. A beautiful view in our hotel.

28. Being in the Branson hills.


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