~Day 138

My 27 Thanks~

1. Christmas Day was so good, I am continuing my thanks because I have so many from that day.

2. Grandma watched Frisco for us so we could go on a mini trip.

3. B has really taken to grandma.

4. The way she blows grandma kisses and says “bye grandma”.

5. The way it melts my heart.

6. Frisco likes grandma.  Of course, I haven’t met anyone he doesn’t like.

7. We spent Christmas night with J’s parents.

8. Carolina bbq.  Teresa made it for Christmas night dinner.

9. The pickle prize game.

10. I have won the pickle prize for the past 3 out of 4 years.

11. I have now made that 4 out of the past 5 years 😉

12. The awesome prize that comes to the winner.

13. Jared and Teresa still love me even though I continue to defeat them 😉

14. B received some awesome gifts from papa and meme.

15. We made sugar cookies.

16. We painted B’s feet green and made “misteltoes”.

17. My painting actually came out pretty good.

18. I can frame my artwork and cherish it for years to come at Christmas time.

19. B had fun painting her feet.

20. Granny was able to spend Christmas night with us.

21. We got a good nights sleep.

22. We are leaving for Branson!

23. We arrived safely to Branson.

24. Mick and Teresa are treating us as our Christmas present.

25. We have the opportunity to get away.

26. Brooklyn did really well on the car ride.

27. Frisco and grandma are having fun.


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