~ Day 137

My 28 Thanks~

1. Christmas Day.

2. Jesus, my Savior, was born on this day.

3. He came to save us all.

4. Mary and Joseph were receptive of Gods’ miraculous work within in them.

5. Mary, for being brave.

6. Joseph, for sticking by her side.

7. Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

8. Hearing Brooklyn wake up in the morning and asking about the presents Santa brought.

9. Being able to watch her open her presents.

10. She liked everything she received.

11. She doesn’t lack for anything.

12. Being together as a family on Christmas morning.

13. I have such an awesome little family.

14. Having a cuddle dog to spend Christmas with.

15. My grandma joined us for Christmas lunch at meme’s house.

16. All the family was together at Meme’s for lunch.

17. There was plenty of food as always.

18. Home cooked food is so yummy, especially on Christmas.

19. Dirty Santa was fun as always.

20. I got a Starbucks gift card!

21. J got an awesome knife.

22. Meme gave me a cute coffee cup set.

23. B loved her art set from meme.

24. She colored each of her great grandma’s a picture.

25. She received some great books from her cousin Tabitha.

26. Spent some great holiday time with family.

27. B was able to spend some time with her cousins.

28. Grandma had fun.


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