~ Day 136

My 27 Thanks~

1. It’s Christmas Eve!

2. We got to spend the night at dads.

3. Grammy hung out with B so J and I could sleep a little longer.

4. We all got to hang out as a family in the morn.

5. B thinks Chimi is hilarious. Chimi is the chihuahua at dad and Julie’s.

6. We hung out in our Christmas Jammies for most of the day.

7. Morning Coffee.

8. Dad and Julie made breakfast for us.

9. Biscuits and gravy.

10. My dads bacon. He knows how to cook it just right.

11. We got to eat breakfast with grandma.

12. She spent the night too.

13. Free breakfast 🙂

14. I didn’t have to cook the breakfast 🙂

15. We all watched The Aviator.

16. It was grandmas first time to see it. I love showing her history/documentary movies for the first time.

17. We celebrate the birth of our Lord.

18. The manger scene in our living room.

19. The Christmas tree in our house.

20. The quietness of Christmas Eve.

21. The stores open til 6pm. I picked up a last minute gift item I forgot.

22. We ate dinner with grandma at her home.

23. B got to see an awesome train setup at grandmas.

24. Seeing B made some “seasoned folks” Christmas Eve.

25. We got to spend some time with my nana.

26. Us three went to look at Christmas lights.

27. I have seen a lot Christmas lights this year.




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