~ Day 135

With all the Christmas festivities this week, I am a little behind on my blog. But better late than never! So here goes.

My 28 Thanks~

1. It’s a very short work week.

2. I got a lot done at the office.

3. Christmas week celebrations begin today!

4. Hearing Christmas music.

5. Michael Buble Christmas cd.

6. I packed my lunch today. I usually don’t take a lunch but I was starving. Thankful that I packed food.

7. B took a long nap. It gave me more time to accomplish things.

8. I figured out a lighting problem I was having.

9. It’s going to be a fun week!

10. Jared got glasses. It’s a Christmas miracle!!!

11. He let me help pick them out.

12. He looks good in them.

13. B was so good in the eye doctor office when we were picking them out.

14. I made a new baked macaroni and cheese dish.

15. Teresa gave me her recipe for a southwest hominy dish. I don’t like hominy but that dish is real good.

16. Everyone loved the dishes.

17. We got to pick up my grandma to spend Christmas with us.

18. Frisco boy got to come.

19. We spent the evening with my dad, Julie, and step-siblings.

20. We all had so much fun.

21. Dad made a delicious brisket.

22. Our friend Bill came over to hang out.

23. B got some cool presents from grandad and Grammy.

24. Braeden got B a Mickey Mouse gift.

25. We all got to be together to celebrate Christmas.

26. Christmas dancing with B.

27. Laughter with family.

28. Having my grandma around to be with us.



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