~ Day 134

My 27 Thanks~

1. Once again, we received a little bit more sleep this morning.

2. Brooklyn had a tickle fight in bed with us. It’s not Christmas until you have a tickle fight.

3. We had ‘Nuts’, according to B. Cinnamon Rolls.

4. It was nice just to have a morning to hang out as a familyand not have any commitments.

5. The giant tree branch that sounded like it was going to come crashing through the roof didn’t end up hurting anything.

6. B loves to play on her new ‘bike’ from nana and papa. She loves to ring the bell on it.

7. Cowboys won!! It’s about stink’n time.

8. I got some good work done on my videos.

9. We had some family commit to help us out with a big project coming up.

10. Our project won’t be as expensive as I had originally thought.

11. Jared took care of the laundry.

12. Learning apps on the ipad for B. Helps when we are trying to get work done around the house.

13. I was able to lounge around all day in my comfy pants 🙂

14. We got to see Jaiden play basketball yesterday. She did awesome! Made the game winning goal!

15. It was nice to hang out with Cory and Summer.

16. Kids basketball games are kind of fun to watch. The parents are fun to watch 😉

17. No parent killed another parent.

18. I refrained from crazy woman behavior when I discovered B had taken a Sharpie and doodled on our leather couch. Sigh.

19. I had a big fat dessert available to me to eat to calm my nerves.

20. Jared and I made a big dent in our house endeavors.

21. I got to talk to a friend via text.

22. My dad and fam made it back safely from vacation.

23. Frisco isn’t such a scaredy cat like he use to be.

24. My dessert that I made turned out to be scrumptious.

25. Christmas is closer.

26. My grandma was able to shift her work night so that she can celebrate Christmas with us tomorrow. Yay!

27. My daughter forgives me when I am not as patient as I should be.




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