~ Day 133

My 28 Thanks~

1. J and I got to sleep in. Even though sleeping in isn’t that late anymore.

2. We were able to take the morning easy.

3. Hot cups of breakfast coffee.

4. Jared made the coffee so I could rest a little bit longer.

5. The story ESPN did on a boy with down syndrome. It was a reminder that there are good kids out there.

6. We had sushi train for lunch. MMM.

7. Sushi Train is good and cheap.

8. They made me my fav rolls on the train.

9. The new roll I tried was very good.

10. Best part of my day…. a young girl bought our Starbucks drinks. What we thought was a dissapointment was turned into a blessing because of her. Thank you, who ever you are.

11. My coffee tasted extra sweet because of her.

12. People who give to get nothing back.

13. Jared hung out with me in the Salvatoin Army store. We didn’t find anything but it was still fun to look around.

14. Frisco boy didn’t go to the bathroom in the house. Thankful for that 😉

15. B had a good time with meme and papa.

16. She got to make gingerbread cookies with meme.

17. Jared and I learned how to make pecan brittle.

18. Everyone stayed safe in the ice storm.

19. Our electricity stayed on.

20. We have wood to put in our fireplace.

21. Jared didn’t burn the house down when a log fell out of the fireplace.

22. We didn’t get burned.

23. We got to watch a fun family movie.

24. The chili soup I made was yummy.

25. Soup on a cold icy day always tastes better.

26. We got some stuff done around the house.

27. Papa and meme stopped by with some goodies for B.

28. Brooklyn has learned a great night time prayer.


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