~Day 132

My 27 Thanks~

1. B woke up in a good mood.

2. I woke up in a good mood 🙂

3. Brooklyn had a good breakfast.

4. I was able to get a lot done in the morning.

5. Jared fed B while I did some work.

6. Brooklyn loves oatmeal. She would have it for every meal if we let her.

7. She played by herself for a while so Jared and I could get some things accomplished for Christmas.

8. B and I got to go hang out at the Children’s Museum.

9. The man that created that place. I’m thankful he is so smart.

10. B always has fun when she goes there.

11. Every time is a new experience.

12. She still wants me to play with her. I cherish those moments because one day I may not be as cool as I am now, according to her.

13. She went down the tape slide with me.

14. She is a pro block stacker.

15. Her intellectual development. I am so thankful for how the Lord is doing a great work in her.

16. We got to eat at Chick-fil-a with meme.

17. Meme treated us to lunch.

18. B got to play in the playground.

19. She didn’t flip out when a bunch of rowdy boys crowded her in the top tunnel. She’s got to show those boys whose boss.

20. B got to spend the night with meme and papa.

21. J and I had a good date night.

22. We were blessed by a friend with a gift for our date night.

23. I got to see my friend Amy.

24. She did an AWESOME job on my hair. As usual 🙂

25. We had a really fun moment. Thank goodness it happened to me and not another client. lol

26. Jared and I had some good quality time together.

27. We got to hang out in beautiful downtown Tulsa.




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