~Day 131

My 28 Thanks~

1. People who are willing to stand firm in their faith with Christ.

2. Dean from QT who is saving boxes for us everyday.

3. Jared worked on the house today.

4. He was asked to be in his good friends wedding.

5. Brooklyn can eat whole sandwiches now. Good for growing bones.

6. B loves natural peanut butter. Good source of protein for the kid who doesn’t like to eat meat. Unless I sneak it into her other food. Sometimes that works.

7. We got to skype with nana.

8. My lovely morning phone chat with Kristin.

9. We are going to start calling in the mornings during the week. It will help me get up and start our mornings off in good moods.

10. We sold our car!!!! Woohoo!!

11. We only had it posted online for less than 12hrs. So glad that is marked off the list.

12. One less thing we have to do.

13. It was a good car while it lasted.

14. My girl Kristin had a good word from the Lord.

15. Brooklyn and nana painted a very cute reindeer for me and J.

16. Our Christmas tree brings even more joy to the house.

17. Brooklyn and I watched a Veggietales Christmas movie together.

18. J got to eat with one of his good friends.

19. God opened up a good job for J’s friend.

20. My comfy sweatshirt I’m wrapped up in.

21. I got some good progress done on our house.

22. God closed some doors for a friend of mine. He always has His best interest in mind.

23. I saved a ton of newspapers over the year. It has helped us out big time right now with things going on around the house.

24. I had a good conversation with a family member today.

25. Grandad and grammy got B some Minnie Mouse ears from disneyworld.

26. Jared made sweet tea.

27. B went straight to bed without crying when we got home tonight.

28. Calendars. They help me stay sane.


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