~ Day 130

My 27 Thanks~

1.Chocolate Chip cookies.

2. Ovens to cook them in.

3. My new dinner recipe was good.

4. Jared ate the veggies.

5. It was a healthy meal.

6. I still have some of meme’s pecan brittle. So good, I’m trying to make it last.

7. B learned how to ring her bell on her new tricycle from nana and pap Kurt. That sound makes me smile when I hear it.

8. I’m beginning to enjoy my down time in the mornings because I’m waking up earlier.

9. We were offered a free night in a hotel this wknd.

10. J and I get to spend some time together, just him and me.

11. I found an awesome coupon for frozen veggies.

12. We only had to pay .17 for one and ZERO dollars for the other one!

13. Krazycouponlady.com. I am thankful for ladies like that who help save me money.

14. Free stuff.

15. Dollar Tree. It helped me get a lot of items to help with our classes AOL project tonight.

16. We had to get a new battery for the car but it only ended up costing us $25. Praise God.

17. We had a problem with one of our vehicles and thought we were going to have to spend more money to get it fixed. We ended up receiving a letter that said the vehicle had a part recall and that we could take it in and get it fixed at no charge! That was the problem with our vehicle! So no cost to us!

18. The car place had a kids play room for B to hang out in while we waited on the car to get fixed.

19. I was a listening ear for a friend. Sometimes you don’t always have the words to say but simply listening to a person can mean more than words.

20. Life is crazy right now, but Jared and I haven’t ripped each others heads off yet 😉

21. The Lord doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

22. Our class tonight had fun making cookie bags for the kids.

23. We always have laughs together.

24. We were able to bless some kiddos tonight.

25. Keil and Jared did a great job at baking 😉

26. Kassi, Renae, Ginger, Summer, and Kayla all were a big help in getting the bags ready.

27. Rita and Ryan cleaned up our cookie trays for us.



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