~ Day 129

My 28 Thanks~

1. Craigslist. It helps us sell things.

2. We are finally at the place where we can sell our car.

3. We have a car that is reliable.

4. Jared has good insurance now for him and B.

5. Good coverage on insurance.

6. The nice weather.

7. It is never a dull day with Oklahoma weather.

8. B is developing her vocabulary.

9. She is a thinker.

10. I had to pay a medical bill and the lady on the phone gave me a big discount!

11. Gods favor.

12. B had a fun day with her meme and granny.

13. B gets to spend time with Granny this week.

14. We still have granny around for the holiday season.

15. We still have meme around for the holiday season.

16. My grandma and I got to talk on the phone.

17. My grandma is around for the holidays too.

18. Nana is still available to talk to me on the phone and despite some struggles to remember things, she can eventually recall who I am.

19. Jared had a great band practice.

20. The worship band is a great team.

21. I received a sweet message from Amanda at church.

22. I got to eat dinner with one of my girls, Amy!

23. We had fun conversation.

24. She is a fun friend.

25. She is giving me a good deal on a product.

26. B was so sweet when she went to bed.

27. She is still doing very well without her pacey.

28. Life is good.



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