~ Day 127

My 28 Thanks~

1. Mom and Kurt made it back safely to Htown.

2. B always asks about nana because she loves her.

3. My media team rocks.

4. We had what felt like a bajillion things go haywire before service but it all came together for the morning service.

5. I survived the malfunction of lights.

6. Darlene is such a big help to me on mornings. She has a great heart for the church.

7. We work well together.

8. We are able to read each others minds sometimes.

9. Lance has a heart for his ministry.

10. He wants to see it done with excellence.

11. He will go out of his way to help us as ministers.

12. He wrote J and I a really nice note.

13. He has volunteered to help J and I with some stuff.

14. I am so thankful to have Kevin on the team.

15. He is a good multi-tasker. It’s needed when you work with me 😉

16. Kevin has been such a big influence in the lives of so many kids.

17. He gives selflessly to kids around him.

18. We had worship night!

19. Jared did a great job leading everyone into the presence of the Lord.

20. The opportunity I have to worship freely.

21. All the volunteers that make up the worship band.

22. Those guys and gals give time and talent in practices and worship services.

23. B got to visit great nana.

24. B doesn’t cry anymore when she see’s great nana.

25. J and I got to hang out together on the couch.

26. We caught up on some of our shows.

27. B is doing so good without her pacy!!

28. She is a brave little toaster 😉


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