~ Day 126

My 27 Thanks~

1. Jared let me sleep longer while he took care of B.

2. Everyday he grows as a daddy. He’s such a great dad.

3. The restaurant we ate at called us to let us know our debit card was left there. They could have stole it.

4. B took a super long nap.

5. We got to take a nap.

6. Mom and Kurt helped us out with some things around the house.

7. We relaxed in front of the TV some.

8. Frisco was sick but feeling better.

9. I got to talk with all 3 of my college best friends. So glad Audra is back safe for a short while.

10. Even though I miss those girls, I am so glad they are following after their dreams.

11. I have amazing friends. I should probably give thanks to that everyday.

12. A friend offered to help us with some stuff in a few weeks.

13. Gods surprises that hang around the corner.

14. We got to watch our favorite show.

15. We got to hang with our young adult group.

16. We went on a Christmas trolley ride!

17. The Christmas lights were very pretty.

18. We got to see not only one, but two, houses that would light up to music. I had never seen one in person.

19. We had fun hanging out.

20. Our trolley driver was real nice.

21. My tall hot chocolate.

22. J and I got to have a date night.

23. Tonight gave some couples a chance to have a date night that they haven’t been able to have in months.

24. My mom and Kurt watched B for us.

25. We got cheap Chinese food. Jareds more thankful for that than I am.

26. B always greets us with a smile on her face when we walk in the door and yells “mommy!”, daddy!”

27. I love her more every day.



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