~ Day 125

My 28 Thanks~

1. For the breath in my lungs.

2. I have a new day to make a difference.

3. My family was safe in the night.

4. God watched over us.

5. He protects us from things we may not even be aware of.

6. J and I had a safe road trip.

7. We had some major prayers answered today.

8. Doors were opened for us.

9. Great communications makes a happy marriage.

10. B got to hang with nana.

11. We made it back safely to Tulsa.

12. The ice is gone.

13. I made some yummy mashed potatoes.

14. My green bean casserole was good as usual.

15. We had family Christmas tonight with Kurts side of the fam.

16. We had a really great time.

17. We are getting to know each other better.

18. Making friendships.

19. B had her first experiencing licking the mashed potatoes off the beaters.

20. We all chipped in and did our part in making the Christmas dinner.

21. B received some nice presents.

22. We received some great gift cards.

23. I got a new turkey pan! Been wanting one for a while.

24. B stopped screaming her head off 10 minutes into the car ride. All because she wanted her shoes on. Oh girls.

25. My belly is full of Christmas food.

26. My mom taught me how to make the green bean casserole years ago.

27. We have yummy leftovers.

28. I’m optimistic amidst what life throws at us right now.



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