~ Day 124

My 27 Thanks~

1. I maintained a good attitude during frustrating circumstances.

2. Frisco is a cuddle bug.

3. Brooklyn chilled out during dinner.

4. She was excited about pizza.

5. I am learning to handle stress better in public when my 2yr old decides to throw herself on the floor of Hobby Lobby 🙂

6. Hobby Lobby.  Jared may not be thankful for that one.

7. My mom helped us with stuff in the house.

8. She was sick in the night but was feeling much better in the morning.

9. B was such a good girl at the office today.

10. I got to pray with a heart broken woman on the phone.

11. Pastor Steve, Pastor Jeff and I got together to help out a family.

12. Pastor Steve helped me out with a task.

13. My friend Ginger’s little boy wants to give some of his toys to kids who don’t have toys to play with.

14. They are talking about baseball on ESPN.

15. My friend, Sherri, is helping us out a lot by doing some research for us.

16. I have two best friends named Kristin.  They are my sisters.

17.  I got to talk to both of them today!

18. I have been friends with Kristin S. since we were born.

19. She sent me a very sweet message today.

20. Distance doesn’t change our friendship.

21. Kristin J. and I had a long phone date.  She is my other sister.

22.  She has a great future ahead of her.

23. We are planning an AOL project with the young adults.

24. My other sister, Audra, gets to spend time with her family during the holiday.

25. My other sister, Charity, sent me a funny text. Gave me a good laugh.

26. Baseball has so much heart.

27. We are closer to baseball season 🙂ImageImage


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