~ Day 123

My 28 Thanks~

1. It’s a beautiful day.

2. The ice is melting.

3. I chose to have a good attitude in the morning.

4. Hot tea.

5. Those that tithe to their church.

6. Obedience to the Lord.

7. Friends who laugh at ridiculous things with me.

8. My husband who makes funny sounds that make me laugh.

9. My ability to think through things.

10. Friends who “get me.”

11. Funny wake up texts friends send me.

12. Audra and Jonathan made it safely back to the United States.

13. They get to spend a couple of weeks with their families.

14. They have such selfless hearts.

15. My mom watched B for me during work.

16. I got to talk to my friend, Kara.

17. We prayed together.

18. Her drama rocked the stage.

19. I have lots of friends that I can go months without talking to them and we pick right back up where we left off like no time was between us.

20. Gods work in my friendships.

21. My really cool man-friend, Jared Snider.

22. B and nana had a good time hanging out.

23. I learned some fun, interesting things about our young adults.

24. We had fun in class.

25. Spiritual leaders within the church.

26. Great meme didn’t break anything when she took a fall.

27. Family is quick to respond.

28. Gods hand of protection.



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