~ Day 122

My 27 Thanks~

1. I woke up early in a decently good mood for morning time.

2. I didn’t have a headache.

3. So far my early morning alarm isn’t putting me in a foul mood.

4. My mom has been a big help around the house.

5. She watched B for us while we had meetings.

6. We made it safely on our roadtrip to our destination.

7. We had productive meetings.

8. We had dinner with friends.

9. The new Mexican restaurant we tried was delightful.

10. My chicken fundidos were splendid.

11. Fundidos is a fun word.

12. There was no ice along our highway trip.

13. Jared and I had good road trip convo.

14. We work things out by talking through stuff.

15. I got to talk to my friend Holly 🙂

16. Jared says I should be thankful the Rangers didn’t sign Robbie Cano. Sure. Whatever. 😉

17. I’m a fan of the Rangers.

18. We have lots of great Rangers memorabilia.

19. The stadium is only 4.5hrs away.

20. We made it safely home from our travels.

21. Mom and B had a great time.

22. B listened to nana and obeyed.

23. B prayed over her dinner tonight.

24. She likes playing with her nativity set.

25. Fisher Price makes a nativity set.

26. The Christmas lights on my mantle really makes it look pretty and festive.

27. Jared let me jam out to Rascal Flatts in the car.



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