~ Day 121

My 28 Thanks~

1. Heaters!!! It’s stink’n cold outside!

2. My warm bed.

3. The Lord is helping me each day to become more of a morning person. It’s been a prayer of mine for a little while.

4. I’m seeing the rewards of waking up earlier.

5. My quiet times with God are less distracting.

6. I feel more productive.

7. B had a great time with meme and papa.

8. They took her to see Frozen!

9. She loved every minute of it.

10. She is adorable 😉

11. I found some new teaching tools that I believe I will enjoy.

12. The Lord kept me safe today. I almost plowed into a car when my car slid on ice.

13. The car turned at the right time. I didn’t hit them because of that.

14. Cheap Chinese. I like it 🙂

15. We were treated to dinner.

16. B loves chickfila.

17. She’s a sharp cookie.

18. Mrs. Judys corn paddies. I don’t care what she says. They are corn paddies. 🙂

19. Tim and Judy. They are some sweet Carolina people.

20. Sleds.

21. Meme’s dog lets B pull her around in the sled.

22. Nana is here to see B!

23. Nana made it safely to Tulsa.

24. B has fantastic grandparents.

25. My family taught me good values.

26. We are teaching B good values.

27. Meme’s homemade brittle.

28. She shared it with us.



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