~ Day 120

My 27 Thanks~

1. We had church despite the weather.

2. The great turn out of folks at the church.

3. Everyone was in good spirits.

4. It was a good service.

5. Bishop Drake and Michelle visited.

6. No one was injured on the icy parking lots.

7. Worship sounded great.

8. Lunch was at Red Rock Canyon. Yum.

9. We had great lunch conversation.

10. My food was delicious.

11. Jared and I had a good conversation with his meme.

12. B is getting to spend time with her great meme. She calls her “great”.

13. We have out of town friends visiting us tonight.

14. They made it in safe.

15. They are moving to Tulsa!

16. We are able to refer a lot of important things to them to help their transfer.

17. They found this new job in perfect timing.

18. We got to hang with J’s parents.

19. B gets to stay with meme and papa.

20. She loves to tackle me. She is a girly girl, but she still likes to wrestle with me. I love that 😉

21. We had fun hanging out with our friends.

22. We are both on great walks of life.

23. The fire in the fireplace is roaring strong.

24. We had some good items donated for the silent auction at church.

25. We found some good stuff to donate.

26. I have leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

27. I’m going to have a good nights rest.



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