~ Day 119

My 28 Thanks~

1. There’s still snow to play in.

2. Brooklyn slept through the night without pacey.

3. She’s learning more and more about patience.

4. She’s learning how to say “I’m sorry”.

5. The Lord is teaching me patience amidst toddler tantrums. 🙂

6. Brooklyn is gaining more of an understanding on what it means to be kind in her actions.

7. I am ahead on laundry. I can’t remember the last time I was doing this well with cleaning our clothes. That sounds gross. I know.

8. Having coffee with my husband. I just love it.

9. J got to watch the game with a friend.

10. OKC got rocked by an earthquake! Not thankful for that, but thankful that the Lord is returning soon!

11. I’m ready for Heaven.

12. B and I made it safely to our little cousins bday party.

13. He received a lot of fun toys.

14. I have a good excuse now to play with pirate ships and slinkys.

15. Getting to hang out with family.

16. OU won!! Boomer!

17. B had fun playing with her cousins.

18. Jared and I had a date night.

19. Papa and meme watched B for us.

20. B got to go sledding with meme and papa.

21. Jared and I had a nice dinner.

22. We got to use a groupon deal. Love those things.

23. We picked out a new series for our young adults class.

24. We purchased another Christmas gift. I’m excited about this one.

25. Just being able to hang with my man and talk about spiritual decisions.

26. We didn’t slip on our rears and fall on the ice.

27. We had a fun night.

28. My man loves me with all his heart.



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