~ Day 117

My 28 Thanks~

1. My relaxing morning with my fam.

2. B woke up in a pleasantly good mood.

3. We all sat down and had breakfast together. That hardly ever happens.

4. I made coffee and Jared made cereal. It worked out well.

5. B is a big breakfast eater. I am thankful for that because she doesn’t like to eat a whole lot during the rest of the day. Unless it’s cheese. She is a Wisconsin cheesehead.

6. Jared picked up more firewood.

7. The family that gave us firewood. Who know who you are, and for the sake of people flocking to your house for wood, I will not post your name. 😉

8. Mom and Kurt arrived safely to their destination.

9. We were all safe on the icy roads.

10. Cracker Barrel was for lunch. Mmm.

11. It tasted even better when it is snowing and their is a big fire going in their fireplace.

12. The in-laws picked up the tab. Thank you, Mick and Teresa 😉

13. Brooklyn is still a sweetheart even when she isn’t feeling 100%.

14. The Mickey Mouse sticker on my hand. It reminds me of how special I must be for my little girl to give it to me.

15. B has such a tender heart. She saw a bandaid on my thumb and immediately wanted to check on it and sweetly rub it and kiss it. Her heart amazes me.

16. She has a concern for other kids when they are crying.

17. We found bread at Walmart!

18. Conversation with one of my best friends today.

19. Another best friend gave me some encouragement today.

20. Jared built an awesome fire.

21. Fireplaces are stinkn awesome when it is snowing.

22. The smore I am about to eat.

23. Brooklyn went to bed without her pacey!!! This is the first night of us trying to get rid of the pacey. So far, so good!

24. J and I get to watch our show together tonight.

25. The book we are reading together is real good.

26. Tomorrow should be a relaxing day with my husband, daughter, and Frisco boy.

27. The three of us read a Christmas book about Jesus.

28. The feeling of happiness I get when we sit down as a family and read about God together.



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