~ Day 116

My 27 Thanks~

1. My family works as a team.

2. God peace over decisions.

3. Miracles in the every day.

4. Christmas movies on TV.

5. The ladies who helped with the funeral dinner.

6. Frisco’s dog bone. He loves that thing.

7. Multi-colored Christmas lights.

8. Brooklyn and I got to drive around and look at the Christmas lights.

9. Gods favor.

10. Productive meetings as leaders.

11. Walmart had a few items left from the onslaught of snow scared citizens.

12. The funeral dinner had a ton of food leftover so we got to use it for our young adult dinner fundraiser.

13. We didn’t have to buy anything.

14. The Jahr’s are so fantastic. We are so blessed to have them at Harvest.

15. We had enough cake left over to give to all the kids.

16. B’s new rocking chair. She loves to sit in it.

17. Another Christmas present arrived safely.

18. My husbands confidence in me.

19. He only wants to see me succeed.

20. Friends who help me through tough times.

21. What seems impossible is always possible through God.

22. God is stronger than me.

23. Late night frosted flakes.

24. Brooklyn had a good check up at the doctor.

25. Jared took her for me while I had a meeting and was smart enough to take a pic for the memory book.

26. She is a healthy little girl!

27. Her doctor still laughs no matter how many times B tries to resist her.



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