~ Day 115

My 28 Thanks~

1. Toe nail polish

2. Ritz crackers.

3. Kleenex tissues with lotion.

4. My home.

5. A husband who prays with me.

6. A cold glass of clean ice water.

7. Grandmas quilts.

8. Making it safely in my foggy drive.

9. The feeling I get when I think of my little girl.

10. Her curiosity.

11. Door ajar sensors on my car. Disaster avoided.

12. The month of December.

13. Christmas is closer.

14. Comfy tshirts.

15. Spending the day with driven people.

16. Opportunities to learn from leadership.

17. Jared holds me when I am hurting.

18. His arms around me.

19. He makes me laugh.

20. Lance helped us out at the church last minute.

21. B loves to look at the Christmas lights.

22. Out neighborhood is really showing up with the lights on their houses.

23. People get festive this time of year.

24. Christmas parties.

25. Opportunities to celebrate with friends.

26. Staying upright in my heels.

27. Good nights rest.

28. Sweet dreams.



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