~ Day 113

My 28 Thanks~

1. I have so many reasons to be thankful.

2. My fuzzy dog gets sweeter everyday.

3. He doesn’t wet his bed when we leave him home alone all day.

4. B is making great strides in her baño skills.

5. She loves to read books before bed.

6. She has a favorite night time book right now.

7. B’s bath time fun.

8. Her creative mind at work.

9. My media team rocks.

10. They help keep me sane sometimes.

11. They look past my blond hair moments.

12. Jared looks past my blond moments.

13. Meme made a great lunch for us.

14. Hawaiian rolls. Mmm.

15. Jared’s smell good breath. He gargles.

16. B loves to be chased around the house.

17. Her flair for the dramatics.

18. She tries to be so sweet when she wants to watch Mickey.

19. She cracks me up everyday.

20. I had a great practice with my drama team.

21. The little ones did so good in practice.

22. It’s going to be a good drama.

23. Becky helped me get costumes together.

24. I didn’t see any spiders in the costume closet.

25. Kids were helping young kids through there drama practice.

26. Getting to hang out with J.

27. Life plans.

28. Making life plans with J.



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