~ Day 112

My 27 Thanks~

1. Sleeping arrangements were bearable with B sleeping in the bed with us at grandad and Grammys house.

2. It was a very relaxing morning.

3. The great cup of coffee that started me off.

4. Cuddled up warm in a blanket.

5. Watching Frisco have a fantastic time in the backyard.

6. Hearing B get excited about the ducks in the duck pond.

7. Dad and Julie made a wonderful breakfast.

8. Bacon. I’m so thankful for it.

9. Biscuits and gravy. So good.

10. We got in some good naps.

11. B got to take a nap in her fun new sleeping bag.

12. She took a super long nap.

13. There were some great football games on.

14. Auburn won!!!!

15. It was a truly fantastic game.

16. It was a slow pace day.

17. Uncle Braeden got B the sweetest bday gift.

18. He really likes B a lot.

19. We put up the Christmas tree!!!

20. Jared does such a good job at putting on the lights.

21. Brooklyn helped put on the lights.

22. B and I put up her nativity set.

23. We talked about baby Jesus.

24. We watched The Elf as we decorated. “Buddy the Elf! What’s your favorite color!?”

25. Brooklyn’s great faces that she makes when watching movies.

26. Family time decorating for Christmas.

27. One day closer to Christmas Day.



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