~ Day 111

My 28 Thanks~

1. I’m recouping from turkeyfest.

2. It was a glorious morning to relax.

3. We 3 got good naps in.

4. I finished a big chunk of my Christmas gifts.

5. B and I colored pretty pictures.

6. She shared her stickers with me.

7. It was a nice day outside.

8. Family time spent during the holidays.

9. Time off from work.

10. Lounging around the house on days off.

11. Frozen pizzas. It was one of those days after stuffing homemade food down into our tummies.

12. We got to watch Jingle All the Way. Funny Christmas movie.

13. I won a bet with J on who a certain actress was in the movie. That back rub is going to feel real nice 🙂

14. We get to celebrate B’s birthday with my dads side of the fam.

15. We had a nice drive to dads.

16. They fixed a good meal for us.

17. B received some cute bday presents.

18. Grandad and Grammy got her a great bed time baseball book.

19. Grandma got to come for the party.

20. Aunt Kyndl and B colored together.

21. The new ice cream we tried was delish. Blue Bell pumpkin pie pecan ice cream. YUMMY!!

22. We all enjoy hanging out together.

23. We watched a movie together.

24. We got to spend the night at their house so we could wake up to a yummy breakfast. 🙂

25. Frisco got to come. He loves their backyard.

26. He and their dog get along well.

27. Lots of family time.

28. Blended families can work and all of mine work very well together.



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