~ Day 110

My 27 Thanks~

1. It’s Thanksgiving Day!!

2. I am fortunate to have family to spend the day with. They may not all be here, but it’s a good day with the ones that are.

3. The Macy’s Day Parade.

4. Union high School got to march in the parade!

5. One of the Union students received the parade scholarship.

6. All the people that are involved with the parade. I know that takes a ton of planning and involvement.

7. Two thanksgiving meals in one day. The scale will be avoided for a little while.

8. Micks family came up from Henryetta to spend Thanksgiving lunch with us.

9. Our meal was delicious.

10. My mom teaching me how to make a really good green bean casserole.

11. Seeing all the people who are thankful for so many things.

12. That the pilgrims and Indians made friends with each other to give us a reason to eat so much good food.

13. So many family members to celebrate with.

14. Great cooks in the family.

15. It wasn’t insanely cold.

16. B doesn’t notice when I dice up turkey into her beans. She’ll eat it that way.

17. Hot coffee on a cold day.

18. Celebrating the holidays with Jared and B.

19. I worked in a power nap into the day.

20. Cowboys won!

21. Meme’s house was full with family as usual.

22. B and her cousins got to play.

23. Eating another round of yummy food.

24. J and I decided to partake in the craziness with all the other looney birds and went shopping.

25. We found some awesome deals on things we were wanting.

26. Everyone was rather pleasant to be around.

27. J and I both managed to be the correct guessers in store trivia games and won even more discounts on clothes and shoes! We rock.



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