~ Day 109

My 28 Thanks~

1. I got to meet up with 2 of my stepsisters for breakfast.

2. I finally got to meet one of them for the first time.

3. We had some good conversation.

4. It was nice to meet up and have a girls breakfast.

5. We got Christmas plans figured out.

6. Our Christmas celebration is drawing closer!

7. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!!

8. I got to meet up with my Auntie Deb.

9. We always end up talking for hours and not realizing it. That must mean we have important things to say or don’t know when to shut up. I strongly believe it is the first reason.

10. She always gives me words of wisdom.

11. She had an awesome time on her missions trip to Paris.

12. The Lord worked in great ways over there.

13. She was able to give a woman a Bible she had on her. We are believing that that Bible will change her life and others around her.

14. The good works that the missionaries are doing over there.

15. My aunt Deb is pursuing a great opportunity.

16. She will do well in it.

17. She got B a really cute dress all the way from París!

18. Jared, B and I got to meet up with our good Cali friends.

19. We always have fun stories to swap.

20. She and baby on the way are doing very well.

21. They have had some recent blessings in his job.

22. We ate at Cracker Barrel. Always leave stuffed.

23. It was Kyles first time and he loved it. You have to give these Californians a good sampling of grits and biscuits.

24. I found some good sales online for clothes.

25. Jared has set aside some money for me to be able to buy some new clothes. I hardly ever buy myself new clothes.

26. Brooklyn was extra funny tonight.

27. I had a friend on my mind today and we ended up getting to talk late tonight.

28. We made dinner plans.



One thought on “~ Day 109

  1. The feelings are mutual, my dear niece!! You are wise beyond your years and I am proud to say I learn from you as well. Time flies when you’re playing catch up. It has nothing to do with women having a lot of words to say!!

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