~ Day 108

My 27 Thanks~

1. I got to sleep in.

2. I live in America.

3. Every once in a while I wake up with that reminder.

4. I have a nightstand to set my stuff on.

5. I cleaned my night stand, which involved brushing off the dust with my hand 🙂

6. Hot water.

7. Large hot water tanks.

8. The mattress man came to check out what was wrong with our mattress.

9. He suggested a few things and one of them includes us being able to lower our bed so that we don’t have to pole vault onto the mattress.

10. We will have better night sleeps.

11. I got to hang with my gma.

12. She’s pretty cool. Yes, I am thankful for that. Let’s be real. Not all grandma’s are cool.

13. We had some good laughs.

14. We made it safely to OKC for her doc appt.

15. The doctor was funny and friendly. Made the visit more enjoyable.

16. Grandma made the doctor and interns laugh.

17. I figured out that I knew one of the interns sisters from high school. I got to send a hello her way through him.

18. Random connections.

19. Gma’s eyes are going to be ok.

20. Even though she is 80, she acts like she is 60.

21. I got to take her to Pop’s for her first time.

22. She loved it!

23. She bought my dinner.

24. I got to buy her her very first Sprechers glass bottle root beer. My fav.

25. We sang to the Route 66 song as we traveled the road. We like to sing.

26. She is a decent singer.

27. My grandma rocks.



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