Baby Girl ~ Day 107

In life, there are things that are planned out for you, or expected of you. At least in my life there were. There were these certain plans growing up that I liked to call the “obvious plans”. Going to elementary school. Eating daily meals. Getting my driver’s license. Going to church. These were “obvious plans” to me because I knew that was my life and unless something earth shattering happened, nothing was going to change those expected things.

The “chosen plans” have always been the plans that intrigue me the most. “Chosen” as in, I have the ability to make my own choices and plans outside of the “obvious plans”. I have the choice to do what I want, when I want it. Picking my profession. Getting married. Living in Oklahoma or Tim-buck-too. Picking my friends. Succeeding or Failing. For me, my chosen plans have been made grounded on a final direction I have felt the Lord place on my heart.

With those “chosen plans” comes right timing. I chose to become a minister, but it took the right timing to set everything in motion. Things may fall in my timing or they may not. Some people say that living a life outside of Christ creates more free will to do what you want in your own timing. That is true. Yet the Bible says that it is far better to wait in the Lord in His perfect timing and receive the fullest gift for your life then to only receive half the worth of that plan or eventually nothing at all . It’s like when I was a kid and I was given the option to stop at Braum’s for one single scoop ice cream NOW, or wait until I got home to have two scoops of ice cream, PLUS sprinkles, AND chocolate AND cherries! The obvious decision was to wait for the most awesome-est ice cream sundae ever created when I got home but the kid in me wanted that ice cream NOW! Who am I kidding? I still want the ice cream NOW! Yet in life, there is something better waiting for me if I just wait with the Lord and let Him open the doors for the best gift He can give me.

Brooklyn was one of those times in my life when she was a plan, but set in motion in a different timing than I had. When I think of the timing of when B came around and I talk to people about it, this is what I say…. “She was always planned, just not in our timing”. Today marks her 2 year old birthday. My little girl is two. It is so hard to believe and I would be a liar if I said it doesn’t make me tear up to think of her growing. She amazes me. I can’t help but smile when I think about what a gift she is to this world. I get so excited when I think about how God is going to use her. I have no clue if she is going to be a ballerina, space cadet, or doctor. She can be what she wants to be, as long as she pursues after the passions Christ has placed in her little body. I sincerely mean that. As much as it makes my heart stop for a minute to think about how fast she is growing up, it makes me even more excited to see how God is going to use her in all the years to come. To watch her make her “chosen plans”. I pray that she invites the Lord into her heart. I pray she listens to His voice. I pray she falls so madly in love with Christ.

Simply put, she is amazing. So I want to wish a very Happy birthday my precious little girl. :). Mommy loves you SO much.

My 28 Thanks~

1. My little girl made it to two.

2. She has been in safe keeping.

3. B has a sweet spirit.

4. She is a jokester.

5. She makes us proud.

6. She loves us so much.

7. We love her so much.

8. She is beautiful.

9. B loves to play in tents.

10. She likes to sing songs.

11. She loves to fake laugh, which eventually give ways to her real laughs and cracks us up too.

12. She was a big baby when she was born. We wanted a chubby roll baby 🙂

13. She has AWESOME hair! White girl fro!

14. B loves animals.

15. Frisco and her are buddies.

16. Her love for being outside.

17. She has a sweet heart for little old ladies 😉

18. She is kind.

19. She shares well with other kiddos.

20. She is easy going. Most of the time.

21. Hide and Seek under blankets is a favorite of hers. It is a fun game.

22. Spending the day celebrating her.

23. We get to be her parents.

24. She loves us even after the spankings.

25. She is growing into a strong little lady.

26. She is independent in her own ways.

27. My God protects her.

28. She is going t accomplish great things.



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