~ Day 106

My 27 Thanks~

1. Seeing other people post their thanks on FB.

2. The month of November. It’s a special month to focus on blessings in our lives.

3. Having my husband to lighten my day when I encounter hard moments.

4. Knowing when each other is needing a “pick me up”.

5. Service was good.

6. Worship was a special time.

7. We live broadcast our service so people who were at home bc of cancelled services were able to watch.

8. Darlene was able to fill in a spot for me.

9. I enjoy working on the cameras so I got to fill in extra time there.

10. We had extra food leftover for lunch today.

11. I’m getting to eat 4 thanksgiving meals this week. I LOVE thanksgiving meals! I’m just going to avoid the scales afterwards.

12. Stretchy pants.

13. Sweat pants.

14. The staff got the church decorated for Christmas.

15. Christmas is closer!!!

16. We have a beautiful tree in the foyer for our Angel Tree project.

17. Ginger came to practice with me today for a Christmas scene.

18. Baby A did so well in his drama practice 🙂

19. We accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

20. Our community gathered together tonight to have one Thanksgiving service.

21. Seeing all the different denominations come together for one purpose, to praise the name of our Lord.

22. Our worship band did an awesome job!

23. Christine did so good when she played her harp!! I was so impressed!

24. She played one of my favourite songs.

25. Brooklyn did so well in service.

26. She fell asleep in service.

27. We had good conversation with our church people after the service.



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