~ Day 105

My 28 Thanks~

1. Facebook connects me with long lost people.

2. A good phone catch-up with my girl, Hubie.

3. Sleeping in.

4. Brooklyn sleeping in.

5. Heaters.

6. Teresa helped me cook my ham for our young adult thanksgiving dinner.

7. She took care of B while we had meetings and a party to throw.

8. The house got cleaned.

9. I got to meet with the lovely women’s board.

10. I serve on a board that meshes so well.

11. Those women have great hearts.

12. Wanda is a terrific leader.

13. I am honored to be serving with them.

14. We had a VERY productive meeting.

15. The conference took care of our lunch.

16. It was at Bass Pro Shop. I actually really like that store.

17. The really good ideas for retreat 2014.

18. Wanda’s visions for 2014.

19. Jared may have received some business from that meeting.

20. My discussion with Mr. David Elliot. He had some good things to say.

21. Christmas decor for the church was picked out

22. My ham turned out really good.

23. We had some awesome young adults at our house.

24. We had so much food.

25. We had some great laughs from the game we played.

26. We had some first time young adult “partyers” with us.

27. The evening was a lot of fun, as always.

28. I get to eat more thanksgiving food real soon 🙂



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